Things of dry hours

By Naomi Wallace
2018 Genesis Award at the Young Vic

“The knock at the door. Because there is always a knock at the door…”

Tice Hogan and his daughter Cali live a quiet life, keeping their heads down, reading the Bible, Karl Marx, and washing the rich folks’ laundry. Until one day an unknown white factory worker crashes into their lives.

Weaving the spiritual into the political, Things of Dry Hours interrogates the idea that humans cannot change; are we really all that black and white?

Tice Hogan: Jude Akuwudike
Cali Hogan: Michelle Asante
Corbin Teel: Emun Elliott

Designer: Lily Arnold
Lighting: Prehma Mehta
Sound: Alexandra Faye Braithwaite
Casting: Lottie Hines CDG