By the Bang Bang Bang Group.
Developed at The Place, and Pavilion Dance Southwest.
Performed at Pleasance Theatre.

A dance-theatre double-bill that took you on a blistering joy-ride through the
underbelly of shame. 

Part one: guns, water, monica lewinsky
Featuring the Monica Lewinsky scandal, a shocking roll-call of tragic refugee statistics, and an outrageous Hollywood pitch for an upcoming blockbuster calle ‘Aleppo’, guns, water, monica Lewinsky is a scathing trip round contemporary shame politics. A shaming, the shameful and the shameless.

Part two: The Interior Life of Grace Goode
When Grace's moment of weakness goes viral, and her world begins to slip away, she has to find a way to rid herself of the shame.

Written by Debbie Hannan.
Directed by Debbie and
Quang Kien Van.

Natalie Dew
Sarah Golding
Ruby Richardson
Quang Kien Van

Associate Designer: Rosalind Noctor
Photographer: Suki Mok