The Angry Brigade

By James Graham

A new group of home-grown terrorists, spurred on by the Tory cuts, high unemployment and the increasing inequality of 1970s Britain, is being hunted by a secret police squad. Mysterious letters, bombings, and attacks on the establishment escalate, as The Angry Brigade brings anarchy to London, but cracks begin to show and the hunt closes in. 

Smith: Malcolm Cumming
Henderson: Karine Dokken
Parker: Titana Muthui
Morris: Kip Lawson
Anna: Megan Valentine
Hilary/Expert/Girl/Model: Anna Russell-Martin
John: Chase Brown
Jim: Elliot Baxter
Commander/Manager: Michael Wallace
Prophet/Snitch: Kyle Gardiner

Set and Costume Designer: Kirsty Currie
Lighting Designer: Craig Stevenson
Sound Designer: Allan Hamilton

★★★★ “Hannan has a riot with the chaos that ensues from both sets of would-be freedom fighters" - The Herald

★★★★ “a thrilling production” - The Wee Review